Software tools to help resource managers more effectively and efficiently

Low-cost, real-time IoT sensors and data dashboard allowing researchers to determine threats from episodic and seasonal flooding events

An educational platform and apparel store sharing the importance of water from a Hawaiian perspective

Eats is a mobile food marketplace where thousands of people come to discover, make, and sell produce or food in their local community

Native Stories is a non-profit audio content platform and production house focused on providing access to authentic stories and experiences – of its people, place, perspective, history and culture

A tablet application that collects data on loko iʻa water conditions and displays it on an easy-to-understand dashboard

A machine learning platform looking to fish to inform loko iʻa management decisions

Other Projects

2017 Waiwai Challenge

Mai Tai’d (now Hohonu)

An affordable, real-time tide gauge and iOS app to enable site-specific and even hyper-local water level measurements and tide predictions, which are being applied by local community groups including 18 traditional Hawaiian Fishponds.

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Native Stories

A platform that stores and distributes content focused on place based stories and cultural practice to perpetuate and advance indigenous wisdom through retelling of history through the oral traditions of storytelling.

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An enclosed energy efficient ecosystem producing a predictable controlled surplus of food out of food waste, enhancing local sources of organic vegetative plants for local consumers.


A platform that amplifies and provides different perspectives on ancient Hawaiian wisdom found in four specific ʻŌlelo Noʻeau in order to spark authentic interactions at the level of the individual, family, and community relationships.


A mobile application that allows people to find, order, and sell healthy, locally-sourced, organic food in order to make food transparent and accessible to everyone.

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Innovative Iʻa Kilo Practices

A cost-effective tool to document and quantify fish at mākāhā (sluice gates) over tidal, mahina (lunar) and seasonal cycles using underwater cameras and machine learning for better management and community engagement.

Mālama Loko Iʻa

An adaptive and weather-proof tablet-based data collection interface that functions offline so community members can collect an array of data from the loko iʻa in a standardized format for community-based ecosystem management.

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A project for sharing and making accessible and understandable the already existing water quality data so that communities can learn how to better steward their water resources.


A software platform for land managers to measure, map, and share their impact in a cost effective, easy way (including GIS, project management, data collection, data analytics, and communication tools) in order to speed response times to disasters and support data driven decision making.

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Bee Lokahi

An organic, non-antibiotic bee feed based on Pacific Islands ancestral knowledge and Native Hawaiian plants to improve the health and long-term sustainability of the bees our agriculture depends on, as well as the Endemic Hawaiian Solitary Bees that native plants depend on.

Holodeck Ahupuaʻa

A dynamic, hybrid physical-virtual platform created with a satellite-accurate physical model upon which data-driven graphics are projected and displayed, helping educators infuse spatial thinking into teaching and learning and redefining a pathway for technology to transform learning, collaboration, and consensus building into the kuleana of ahupuaʻa recovery.

2016 Aloha ʻAina Challenge

IoT for Wetlands

A system that uses sensors to capture data that would track and help you monitor the health of a piece of ʻāina or the growing condition of your loʻi or garden.

Ka Leo ʻĀina

Inherent in the value and practice of Aloha ʻĀina is to be in tune with the ʻāina. We seek to build that first step through this wearable technology. Our hope for Ka Leo ʻĀina is that creates everyday opportunities for its users to build and maintain a meaningful and stewardship-oriented relationship with the ʻāina.

Eia Ka Wai

An app built for children ages 28 that will allow exploration of the water cycle as seen in a typical ahupuaʻa, including hidden challenges and practical knowledge of our natural resources and the cultural practices of our kupuna that sought to cultivate and innovate within natural environments and systems to feed our people and care for the ʻāina.


GardenHui will provide a matching service to connect potential growers with homeowners who may not have the time or energy to garden. GardenHui’s mission is to connect people who want to be growers (e.g., condo-dwellers) with people who have garden space near them. GardenHui will also connect new growers with other resources such as mentors, friends, services, and supplies to develop the growing experience and skills in our young people that we will need to someday eliminate our dependence on imported food.

Community Partnership and Resource Connector

Platform for connecting nonprofits or mission-driven organizations with those who share their mission or are in need of services.

Kukui Hele Pō

We will create a system of processes and technological planning tools around organizing mentorship, apprenticeship, and youth community work events to help make it easier for community members to plan events, participate, and build relationships on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the interactive resume/portfolio for the youth of a non-traditional background to document their work ethic and skills (based on the history of our programs) to potential future employers doesn’t exist today.