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    AR for Traditional Practices
    9 months agoopen0
    Augmented Reality is being used frequently for job training and retraining, especially in professions that are hands-on i.e. mechanics, engineers, doctors. See Read more...
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    Mental Health app for Indigenous Populations
    9 months agoopen1
    Mental health apps have been taking off as of late. Liquid State thinks the mobile health market will be worth US$102.35 billion by 2023. 5.2 million people in the US alone are indigenous/native, but ... Read more...
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    AI to Bring Historical Photos to Life
    9 months agoopen0
    The New York Times and Google recently launched a partnership to use AI Google Cloud technologies like Cloud Storage, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud Vision API are helping to preserve this priceless history... Read more...
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