We’ve all got ideas or concepts that we want to see developed, but might not personally have the time for. The Purple Prize asks you to share them! They just might be picked up by someone 🙂

Dan is the CEO of Ikayzo, a software development and interactive design firm servicing customers including Sony, Nomura, PIMCO, Oracle and the federal government. He is also the Chairman and cofounder of Contix, an Ikayzo spin-out that provides social media analytics for finance customers. Dan is the coauthor of the latest edition of O’Reilly’s Learning Java, one of the most widely read books on the world’s most popular enterprise programming language. Previously, Dan served as SVP of R&D for ValueCommerce, Asia’s largest web advertising platform, Global Head of Development for London-based LastMinute.com, Europe’s largest B2C website, and President of the US division of DML. Daniel has extensive experience managing teams of 150+ developers and designers in five countries. He has served on numerous advisory boards and panels for companies such as Macromedia and Sun Microsystems. Daniel is active in the open source community and is involved in the standardization of numerous mobile, desktop and enterprise technology standards.

He is active in the community as the Director of TechHui and board member of ThinkTech and Kokua Coop.

This is a passion project I’ve wanted to pursue for years but canʻt. If someone else wants to run with it I’m happy to contribute, no strings attached.

Idea: A community built rich media interactive timeline of the history of Hawaii presented in an immersive environment at Bishop Museum and other sites around the islands.

Picture a room at Bishop Museum surrounded by floor to ceiling screens. They display a 3D rich media interactive timeline of Hawaii that can be controlled with familiar iPhone-like gestures by visitors. The visualization would present multiple perspectives including something similar to Appleʻs time machine. Visitors at museum sites could navigate the system using familiar hand gestures – swipe left, right, pinch, etc.

The core content would ideally be contributed by organization such as Bishop Museum and Hawaiʻinuiakea. The community would be encouraged to contribute photos, videos and stories around historical events using a Wikipedia-like model for curation, editing and attribution. The interface would allow visitors to contribute on location, turning what is normally a one way conversation at museums into a conversation.

I could drone on about this for hours, but that is the high level idea.


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