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Kelsey Amos is a graduate student at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, where she is pursuing a PhD in English with a focus in cultural studies. A former Kanu Fellow, Kelsey’s introduction to nonprofit work in Hawaiʻi came through Kanu Hawaiʻi’s 2012 civic engagement project. She is a freelance writer and has done event planning and community building around food and the arts as a member of the Food+ student hui and as former managing editor of Hawaiʻi Review. Her academic interests include Indigenous politics, cultural studies in the Pacific, and Hawaiʻi literatures. In her work for Purple Maiʻa and in her writing she hopes to contribute to visioning and building an indigenized, just, and sustainable Hawaiʻi.

Name: “Hawaiian Time” or “Pae ʻĀina”

Inspiration: Kealopiko’s Moon Phase Journal

In the past people lived immersed in and maʻa to the changes and rhythms of nature. In Hawaiʻi as in many places around the world, people told time and recorded knowledge by the moon. Our ancestors’ conceptions of how time passes and how the world moves were very different from how we think of time and space in today’s fast-moving, machine-driven world.

While nothing can replace the value of unmediated observation of the ʻāina around you, we are also excited about how technology allows us to share our observations with others who may be far away from us. By sharing the wonders of the lands that feed us, we hope we can raise awareness about what is going on in the islands and increase aloha ʻāina.

Instagram-style photo sharing but…

  1. Use moon phase images and names instead of calendar dates
  2. Start with the most recent post at the bottom and scroll up into past posts (reflects the idea that the past is “before” us, the future is what comes “after”)
  3. Option to sort posts by ahupuaʻa, moku, or island
  4. Folks are encouraged to post about the seasonal changes they see around them on the ʻāina, in the kai, or show off cultural events and practices. Similar to the amazing work being done at moonphaseproject.com.

Interesting features to build in eventually:

  • Private setting–keep track of things that only select people can see
  • Kāhea feature–ability to push a post (maybe snapchat style?) island-wide to let people know about events, activism
  • Build in the diaspora–ability to sort or search for other locations outside the islands where Hawaiians live
  • Switch betweenʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Pidgin, or English options
  • Regional moon calendar options–people can pick which names they want to use, or even input their own
  • Ability to access daily fishing or growing recommendations–can choose to turn on reminders
    • Eventually link in surf report, tides, and other weather data
  • Spiral moon calendar that syncs with google calendars, icalendar


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