Purple Maiʻa Innovation Fellowship

The goal of the Purple Prize is to grow an indigenous innovation sector in Hawai`i. We do this by hosting a unique competition for the local technology community, social entrepreneurs, and cultural practitioners, who all come together to form teams that build technology products that serve ʻāina and people.

The Purple Mai`a Innovation Fellowship of the Purple Prize indigenous innovation competition supplements this by preparing young people for leadership in social entrepreneurship and technological innovation in Hawaiʻi.

The fellowship is a five-month program that combines intensive on-the-job startup experience; the chance to participate in an immersive, holistic business, technological, cultural, and social and environmental curriculum; and the opportunity to be at the forefront of growing Hawai`i’s indigenous technological innovation ecosystem.

We are looking for entrepreneurial, creative, and driven individuals who possess a high degree of curiosity and humility; an innovator and facilitator in the local public interest with a profound sense of purpose regardless of the scale and scope of the challenge.

What will you do?

Fellows will be assigned to between three and four startup teams to help them build prototypes, create promotional materials, design websites, interact with community members, and prepare for demo-day.

In the spirit of sustained innovation, fellows will be expected to produce a 1000 word blog-post highlighting their experiences and allow us to interview them during and at the end of the fellowship.

Fellows may also, depending on their expertise, be asked to assist in the administration/implementation of the Purple Prize.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or Graduate student
  • Fellows must have some relevant experience or education in at least one of the desired subject areas including, but not limited to: coding, web/app development, electrical engineering, financial modeling, marketing, graphic design, accounting, Hawaiian Studies, Indigenous Studies, social entrepreneurship, or other entrepreneurship-related activities
  • Able to dedicate between ten and twenty hours per week to assist startup teams with building a prototype, business planning, financial modeling, designing, interfacing with the community, etc
  • Fellows must be able to work independently and exercise effective time management
  • Fellows must be available for each of the Purple Prize Building Phase trainings and events unless a critical, unforeseen event occurs that causes you to be unable to attend
  • Must have proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Must have access to a laptop or tablet
  • Must be located on island of Oʻahu