What is the Connections Phase?

The Connections Phase is a conversation that takes place over a series of events and immersive experiences. It’s an opportunity for participants to

  1. Form a well-rounded startup team.
  2. Learn about social entrepreneurship, technological innovation, business fundamentals, design thinking, and Native Hawaiian and other indigenous cultures through a series of workshops and events. Event costs will be waived for Purple Prize participants!
  3. Ideate an indigenous technology enterprise.
  4. Win non-equity, pre-seed funding and the opportunity to incubate in the 2019 Purple Prize Building Phase.

Applying to Participate

The Purple Prize is open to just 60 of the individuals and teams who we think will be most likely to benefit from the Connections Phase. Those who are not admitted or who do not apply can still join, but they’ll have to pay to attend the events and will not get the same attention or resources as participants.

Who should Apply for the Connections Phase?

We’re looking for anyone with experience or an interest in entrepreneurship, programming, electrical engineering, Native Hawaiian or indigenous practice, and/or sustainability.

We are selective in who we accept into the Connections Phase. Having experience or a passion in one of the listed areas is an advantage.

What happens during the Connections Phase?

Participants will start with a huakaʻi to a kīpuka where Kanaka Maoli technology is in practice. This year, our Kickoff Day is at Heʻeia Fishpond on February 2, 2019.

Participants will then undergo a series of in-person and digitally available workshops that are specific to the creation of an indigenous technology enterprise. These workshops include:

  1. Kickoff Day
  2. Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Cultures: Grounding and Strengths
  3. Impact Opportunities: Global and Local Social and Environmental Challenges
  4. Appropriate Design Thinking Methods
  5. Technological Innovation Intensive
  6. Business Fundamentals and Social Entrepreneurship
  7. Pitch Workshop and Impact Storytelling
  8. Presentation Day and Building Phase Kickoff Day

During the Connections Phase, the Purple Prize team will help you form your team and assist you with guidance, networking, and getting the resources needed to create your idea.