Teams of the Building Phase

12 teams compete in the Building Phase of Purple Prize 2019 to bring their mission-driven startup to a level that is investment ready. Together we optimize for community abundance and regeneration. This is indigenous innovation. 


Team 3R Water

Lauren Roth Venu, CEO
Kingi Gilbert, CTO


A data collection and analysis tool to identify how much stormwater a property is generating and opportunities to reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure.

Team ʻĀina Finda

Lilia Merrin, CEO Jocelyn Belden, CTO

A language and place-based learning tool that utilizes AI image recognition services to create an interactive experience with the user’s place/surroundings. Users will take a photo, objects are identified in the photo, those objects are translated into Hawaiian.


Team Hana

Vance Martin, CEO


An integrated software platform that creates an ecosystem that connects orgs, volunteers, students and merchants with work and value exchange that generates social, cultural, ecological sustainability and resilience.


Team PelagiX

Matthew Carnes, Founder and CTO
Justin Kay, Software Dev



Jimmy Freese, CEO
BJ Koki, Machine Learning Intern

A cross-platform integrated data solution for all aspects of fisheries management, starting with smart electronic monitoring onboard the vessel and continuing until the fish has been sold to a restaurant or wholesaler.


Team Albizia Project

Joey Valenti, Principal and Founder and Christine Johnson, Financial Controller


An innovative architectural startup that builds alternative structures out of Albizia, an invasive tree species, to support its mission to remove invasive species and restore our native ecosystems in Hawaiʻi.

Team Kūkā

Snehal Patel, CEO
Tabatha Patel, COC and Policy
A mobile application that provides a secure, mobile and authentic platform for civic engagement by allowing its user to record and send video testimony to legislative members



Team HICON Games

Chad Brown, CEO

HICON Games is a collective of local artists and programmers creating video games about Hawaii, its people, its places, its history and telling our story.



Team Campfire

Man Chon Kuoc, Chief of Design
Jason Leong, CTO



Romin Valdez, CEO

A virtual platform that helps community organizers, neighborhood boards, and schools, to solve local issues using the combined frameworks of the Hawaiian reparation and healing practice of Hoʻoponopono and design thinking.


Team Studio Moeā

Ioane Goodhue, COO Nathan Nahina, CEO Kari Noe, Game Development Kurt Noe, Game Development Hailey Grossman, CFO

By utilizing modern digital software development tools, Studio Moeā will produce creative media and technology in hopes of providing an additive to the entertainment-education landscape of Hawaiʻi. Such media, in particular, shall primarily promote narratives rooted in Hawaiian knowledge for targeted Hawaiian consumption.

Team Nā ʻAumakua

Katie Kamelamela CEO


A culturally rooted farm management app assisting with plant identification and use, best practices, historical insights, and a bulletin board for harvesters to communicate.


Team Mana Studios

Kalani Bright, CTO
Manuwai Peters, COO



Kiana Bright, CMO


 A platform for community to easily build and publish interactive books and video using web based tools.