We asked some local thought leaders, “How can technology practices be a part of aloha ʻāina?” and this is what they said.

Keoni Lee is Co-Founder and General Manager of ʻŌiwiTV. We started ʻŌiwi TV with a dream to create the first Hawaiian owned and operated television station for our community – to tell stories from our perspective and for the benefit of all of Hawaiʻi. It was a very different model from other television stations because it had purpose, meaning, and most importantly grounded in our values and culture. I am thankful everyday for this kuleana to build something positive for my community and the opportunity to mentor young Hawaiians who are passionate about this work to benefit our people, language, culture, and ʻāina. Mahalo no ka mea loaʻa!

While some might dissociate Hawaiian culture from technology, I see a Pandora’s box of opportunity in the melding of the two. Our kūpuna were master scientists and risk-taking innovators whose technological achievements in survivability and sustainability are only now being understood by the western world. In a 21st century context, we have the opportunity to continue in their footsteps by embracing new technologies and applying a Hawaiian worldview into the design of systems that reflect our values and desires for a healthy and balanced relationship with ʻāina and each other.

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