We asked some local thought leaders, “How can technology practices be a part of aloha ʻāina?” and this is what they said.

Dan is the CEO of Ikayzo, a software development and interactive design firm servicing customers including Sony, Nomura, PIMCO, Oracle and the federal government. He is also the Chairman and cofounder of Contix, an Ikayzo spin-out that provides social media analytics for finance customers. Dan is the coauthor of the latest edition of O’Reilly’s Learning Java, one of the most widely read books on the world’s most popular enterprise programming language. He is active in the open source community and is involved in the standardization of numerous mobile, desktop and enterprise technology standards.

I’m excited about the Purple Prize initiative because, in recent years, there has been an unnatural wedge between the local tech community and the greater community. This is a false dichotomy. All students of history know that innovation and technology are quintessential and ancient features of people in Hawaiʻi. This contest encourages the responsible use of technology to facilitate and amplify the spirit of aloha ʻāina. I often hear people comparing Hawaiʻiʻs tech community to various mainland communities, which is an exercise of limited utility. Hawaiʻi’s innovation ecosystem must be its own: a concert of the islands’ unique characteristics, community and a broader, more inclusive definition of technology.

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